The Venetian Elopement

By Mark Brownell

Fringe of Toronto 1996

A classic tale of gondolas and Commedia characters updated and shaped by Miner and Brownell. Performed in collaboration with the Canadia dell’Arte Mime Troupe on the steps of Central Tech Collegiate to enthusiastic fringe crowds.

Original Cast: Catriona Murphy, David Strauss, Christopher Sawchyn, Pete Reitzel, Mark Brownell, Evan Sabba, Laura Landauer, Stephen Flett.

The Venetian Elopement

Selected Press:

NOW Magazine’s Top 10 Theatre Artists
“Sue Miner again proves her directorial strengths in the commedia based Venetian Elopement for the Fringe of Toronto.”

Plays International
“Among the highlights of the Fringe is The Venetian Elopement (or Gondola With The Wind) directed by Sue Miner and co-presented by the Canadia dell-Arte Mime Troup. It has all the requisite bawdy jokes, scatological references, mooning lovers, and wily servants. This piece relies on improvisational skills to generate enough overblown emotions, outrageous jokes, and lazzi – including a high-speed gondola chase – to fill half a dozen productions. The chance passing of an ambulance, for instance, when the young hero Lelio was bemoaning the loss of his beloved had him wail, “You’re too late!” to the departing vehicle. And an old Italian woman passing by the outdoor stage cackled with glee when she glimpsed the traditionally masked Pantalone, a sight she hadn’t seen since she was a girl in Palermo.”