Monsieur d'Eon is a Woman

By Mark Brownell

Monsieur d'Eon is a WomanBuddies in Bad Times 1999
A full production period piece about the Chevalier d’Eon de Beaumont's adventures as a man and a woman. Based on a true story.

Nominated for four Dora Mavor Moore Awards and a Governor General's literary award.

Original Cast: Ron Kennell, David Fraser, Martin Julien, Jane Moffat, Christine Brubaker, Mark Brownell, Mark Christmann, Chris Sawchyn, Kate Lynch, Stuart Clow, Rob Clarke.

Selected Press:

Independent London
“The funniest play I have seen in years, Monsieur d’Eon, performed by a more than competent cast, is being shown at the Union Theatre in London. I nearly bust a gut.”

National Post
“History’s most celebrated hermaphrodite gets a going-over in Monsieur d’Eon, an interesting chronicle play with recurring fits of the giggles.”

Eye Magazine
“The ensemble cast is so gifted that to single anyone out is a disservice to the others. All are aided by the kinetic style of director Sue Miner, a luxurious stage space and the inspired silliness of Lori Hickling’s costumes.”

Plays International
“Over at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, there was so much effervescent fun in Pea Green Productions Monsieur d’Eon that it’s surprising that the venue didn’t float away on the theatrical equivalent of champagne bubbles.”