Medici Slot Machine

By Mark Brownell

Tarragon Theatre (2006)

Summary: Medici Slot Machine is a surrealistic look at the life of American artist Joseph Cornell. Cornell is famous for his collage boxes of dime-store objects. He excelled at turning the ordinary into the sacred. In real life, Joseph Cornell was a recluse who used his art to escape his family, his sterile suburban life, and his own psychological demons. Bringing precise order to his art was a way of triumphing over the chaos of his private life. This play chronicles that triumph.

A Pea Green/Theatre Voce Production

Nominated for three Dora Mavor Moore Awards: Best Production, Best New Play, and Best Director.
Chosen a “Top 10 Production” by NOW Magazine in 2006.

Medici Slot Machine

Written by Mark Brownell
Directed by Sue Miner

Medici Slot MachineFeaturing:

James Kirchner
Anne Page
Terry Tweed
Clinton Walker
Jonathan Wilson

Set Design by Brenda Guldenstein
Costume Design by Nina Okens
Lighting Design by Philip Cygan
Music Design by J. Rigzin Tute

Medici Slot Machine