The Martha Stewart Projects

By Mark Brownell

Buddies in Bad Times 1996

Pea Green’s largest and most ambitious production to date. Seventeen creative groups joined forces to celebrate and satirize the “Doyen of Domesticity.”

Nominated for four Dora Mavor Moore Awards, including best production and best new play. Mark Christmann won for his performance as Ken Stewart, Martha’s gay brother (who is the perfect outdoorsman).

Original Cast:

Catherine Hayos, Rena Polley, Mark Christmann, Heather Jopling, Marilyn Wallis, Anne Wessels, Esther Arbeid, Michael Chipman, Christopher Sawchyn, Laurie Levier, Julie West, Shelly Hoffman, Kirsten Johnson, Sigrid Johnson, Veronika Hurniik, Lisa Merchant, Moira Dunphy, Tricia Williams, Caitriona Murphy, Mark Brownell, Mike McGinn, Greg Campbell, Nola Auguston, Alexa Wing, Randi Helmers, Erin McMurtry, Karin Randoja, Christine Brubaker, Jane Moffat, Shari Hollett, Chris Earle, Caroline Gillis, Nick Johne

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The Martha Stewart Projects

Selected Press:

Toronto Star
“A satirical skewering of homemaking guru Martha Stewart. It’s hardly sporting but it does have its perversely pleasurable moments.”

NOW Magazine
“A finely coordinated group effort. The show has its highs and lows – the writing and performances resemble one of Martha’s own impressive floral arrangements.”

Plays International
“Organized by the Pea Green Theatre Group, the collective of 16 independent theatre groups and individual artists (more than 40 in all) gathered in Buddies to present an evening that both sends up and lauds the virtues and vices inherent in Stewart’s approach to entertaining, art and life. ”