Conservatives in Love

By Dave Carley

Fringe of Toronto 2007

Summary: Conservatives in Love is a study of two things: those mysterious new urbanites who are moving into all those towering downtown condos. And the non-economic value of Art. The play is mostly set at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It brings together ten young downtowners who are converging for a Young Conservatives meet and greet. At this meeting, they will learn the exact value of a Henry Moore, and they will spend an indecent amount of time hitting on each other. (Because that is what Young Conservatives do.)

A Pea Green Production

Chosen “Best of the Fringe” by NOW Magazine – Best New Play, Best Acting Ensemble, and Best Director.

Conservatives in Love

Jason Jazwary and Richard Lee
Photo by Philip Cygan

Conservatives in LoveDirected by Sue Miner

Jason Jazrawy
Richard Lee
Anne Page
Naomi Snieckus

Costume Design by Nina Okens
Stage Management by Hilary Unger

NNNNN - NOW Magazine – “Think of Dave Carley's latest as a French farce with a brain. Ten interconnected people find themselves caught up in politics and sexual adventures when they attend a Young Conservatives event. The result is totally engaging and entertaining, with sharply drawn characters and zingers that skewer left, right and centre. The cast -- Jason Jazrawy, Richard Lee, Anne Page and Naomi Skieckus -- are wonderful under Sue Miner's direction”. Jon Kaplan

Conservatives In Love: what can I say? Smart, sexy and silly. Why don't more local theatres put on Carley's plays? Acting at this year’s Fringe has been at an all-time high. The four actors here more than earned their paycheques, doubling and tripling roles and changing outfits in nanoseconds. Was it just me, or did this seem like a really satiric updated version of How To Marry A Millionaire? It also featured the most unlikely but successful set. Bravo to director Sue Miner, who also directed one of my guilty pleasure faves, Celine Speaks and (just announced this week) is on the long-list of 26 nominees for the prestigious Siminovitch Prize.” Glenn Sumi

Conservatives in Love**** EYE Magazine - A hilarious satire of Canadian conservatives performed by an outstanding cast playing multiple roles.