Audition Pieces

Younger Male (20s)

McKellar from The Blue Wall

[McKellar is a rookie metro cop.]

It all happened so fast. One moment I'm in the college taking all the shit they had to dish out and now wham! it's my first day on the job. I made it! I strut into my new division and get issued my uniform. Not bad looking. I'm finally going to get some respect. I strut out like a peacock in my new threads. I'm looking for respect. I don't get none. People laugh and snicker at me. They never used to do that. Some kids start bad mouthing me calling me a pig. I drive downtown to pick up my girlfriend and somebody throws a stone at my car. It really stuck in my mind some asshole just threw a stone at my car! I think every policeman can tell you the first day he wore his uniform. It's something that sticks in your mind. I can't remember the first bad accident or the first rape but I remember that shithead who threw a stone at my car. Alright, fine. If that's the way you want to play, I'll go along. I learn real fast how to treat the public. Don't take any shit. Use your power over people. They fear you. Use that. Whenever people see a cop they tighten up real fast. They act guilty like they've done something wrong. I remember one time walking the beat and this guy sees me and takes off like a flash down this alley. I, naturally, whip after him and eventually corner him at a dead end. He screams out, "I haven't done anything, officer!" "Why'd you run from me then?" "Cause you're a cop!" He was a small guy business suit, briefcase. He's scared out of his mind like I'm going to bust him for breathing. You forget you can have this effect on people. It's a power thing. I use it all the time. I can flash my badge and get into movies, plays, free food, subway. I call it my "Metropass".